Table 2

Summary of the regression analysis using the within-between estimator

CovariateCoefficientP value95% CI
lnPOP_mean−0.370.00−0.45 to −0.28
lnPOP_demean−2.290.00−3.86 to −0.72
lnGDPpc_mean−0.260.02−0.49 to −0.04
lnGDPpc_demean−0.210.29−0.60 to 0.18
lnDALYR_mean−0.230.53−0.96 to 0.49
lnDALYR_demean−0.030.97−1.22 to 1.16
lnU5MR_mean0.100.73−0.45 to 0.64
lnU5MR_demean0.420.36−0.47 to 1.31
lnMMR_mean0.630.000.28 to 0.97
lnMMR_demean−0.560.17−1.35 to 0.24
DTP3_mean0.300.59−0.80 to 1.41
DTP3_demean0.010.070.00 to 0.02
fertility_mean−0.070.45−0.26 to 0.12
fertility_demean−0.110.41−0.37 to 0.15
Number of observations3475
Number of countries143
  • The outcome variable is the natural log of DAHpc. The mean covariates gives the between-group (country) effect, while the demean covariates gives the within-group (country) effect.